Review process of an article

  1. Author is asked to submit paper online to journal website and also cc to Editor-in Chief (EIC)
  2. Members of editorial team review the article and decides whether it has written as per journal guideline.
  3. If found appropriate EIC assigns article to one of the members of editorial team
  4. Article is then sent to 2 separate reviewers with a request to review the article within prescribed time
  5. Reviewers then read the article carefully and convey their opinions regarding acceptance/ rejection of article and also give suggestions about revision of article
  6. If accepted, the paper is sent to publication and result is conveyed to author
  7. If the article is rejected or sent back for either major or minor revision, the editor send it back to author along with constructive comments from the reviewers which will help him/her in revising article. Author is asked to do necessary revision as suggested by reviewers and resubmit within prescribed time. In case of major revision revised version is sent back to reviewers for approval while member of editorial board reviews minor revisions. After suggested revisions article is sent for publication